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B&B Farm

B&B Farm is a sustainable cattle farm and pumpkin patch located in Lincolnton, North Carolina. What initially started as a way to feed their family has turned into a full blown business centered around educating their local schools and communities about the importance of grass-fed cattle farming. For b&b farm, the pumpkin patch is a central part of their operation, inviting classrooms and the community to tour their festive fall grounds. B&B wanted to create a new website to that highlighted the many aspects of their farm while also funneling their visitors to the information that they needed in a neat, beautiful way.

Branding Design

B&B Farm already had a beautiful logo at the start of the project, so together we settled on a new color palette for their online brand that best embodied their farming business. Taking into consideration the seasonality of the pumpkin patch along with the earth tones of farming, I chose a muted orange to highlight the pumpkin patch while including some natural grass-tones to highlight the year-round cattle farming. On pages that were more fall-centered, we heavily leaned into the pumpkin orange versus the greens on pages more centered on farming.

Desktop + Mobile Web Design

I try my hardest not to choose favorites when designing new sites, but guys, this is definitely my new favorite! I am so pleased with how the design and function came together to produce this website for b&b farm. We started by designing the homepage–using video and photos I captured on a visit to their farm–to try to give viewers an instant feel for what they're all about.

The main page uses both the orange tones and green tones to marry the two portions of their business into one cohesive design. For section transitions, we utilized a 'torn paper' transition to tie in some home-made feeling elements to their online presence.

The mobile website was another main piece of the web design, seeing as how we anticipated that a wide variety of viewers would use their phones to scope out their brand.

We optimized the online experience to be as simple as possible, whether on a cell phone or on a desktop. On every page, we included detailed contact forms to ensure every inquiry was easy to enable a quick reply from b&b farm (more about that later).

Since b&b farm is working to meet a wide variety of customers with different offerings, we worked hard to ensure that every page felt unique to that specific demographic while also ensuring that the brand's voice and personality was loud, clear and unified with each page.

On Site Custom Photo + Video

An important part of this project was showcasing the farm in the most inclusive way possible–we wanted to viewers to get a taste and immersive feeling by seeing the photos and videos of the stunning 40+ acre farm.

To capture that feeling, we focused on heavily on the family behind the farm and the animals that call it home. Additionally, I tried my best to capture the little details of farm life that make it so special!

Check out some of the favorites below:

Custom Contact Forms For Every Customer

As I briefly mentioned above, since b&b is working with a wide variety of customer demographics (everything from teachers to youth pastors to organic-minded families), it was important to funnel those individuals quickly to a page that met their specific needs.

Part of that strategy was including specific contact forms at the bottom of every page to ensure that the owners of b&b farm would be able to assist quickly and efficiently. On the flip side, we wanted to be sure we weren't overwhelming potential customers with a million and one questions. Therefore, we brainstormed the essential information for each group of people into one neat, quick-fill form at the end of each page.

Additionally, throughout the page we quick-linked to the bottom of the page to better help customers get answers. The idea and best practice we are working from is providing the most important information at the top of the page and giving opportunity for viewers to take it all in as they scroll down the page. In theory, once they reach the bottom, we want to ensure they have enough information to then act, resulting in leads and bookings for b&b farm.

I can't say enough nice things about my experience working with Stacy & Brent of b&b farm–throughout this, I learned so much about sustainable farming and event-focused businesses. I'm so excited for them as they launch into this year's pumpkin season with their new website front and center!

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