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B3 Training Studio

B3 Training Studio needed a website that would be able to handle the day to day scheduling and behind the scenes bookkeeping of a bustling training studio and gym. They specialize in assisting clients seeking rehabilitation after physical training ceases, so their site needed to be easy to navigate and simple to use while also being clean and gender neutral in design.

Desktop + Mobile Web Design

Dalton and Leah really wanted a website that matched their passion and fire for people, keeping their husband and wife relationship at the center the business. With family and faith being an important central identifier of their brand and business, it was important to make sure that the online hub of their training studio matched.

For color scheme, we decided on desaturated blue tones to push the cooling and calm vibe while also remaining gender-neutral to attract both male and female clientele. B3 already had a logo created when we started working together, so it was super simple to integrate their branding into the new website.

The homepage took the most time and strategy–we decided on an above-the-fold main image of Dalton and Leah smiling at the camera (versus an action shot or a studio photo) as to strip away all gym imitation that most other places seem to have. Putting the couple front and center, smiling as a team, really puts the passion you see in their eyes front and center on the site.

Their main call to action button leads you to their training packages and subscription plans, in which they utilize Wix's integrated subscription plans to showcase their personal training packages and options. From here, clients can choose a reoccurring monthly subscription option that best suits their needs. For the owners, it automates the dues collection every month, freeing up their time to spend in the gym.

Other features B3 Training Studio utilizes is a scheduling assistant that allows user to RSVP to training classes online as well as see the upcoming week's availability. They also have the option to pay ahead for this class online or to pay in person the next time they come to the gym.

Additionally, there is a small merch store that showcases B3 branded merchandise for purchase by the clients. Taking clean product photos that best show your inventory is one of my strong suits, and I was so glad to also help assist with B3's product launch. From here, clients can also purchase gift cards and class punch cards.

Overall, B3's new website really helped their brand be ready for their launch. It was important to build a website that would be able to handle their expected rapid growth without too many changes or edits as well as to automate most of the money handling behind the scenes.

A big thank you to B3 for partnering with me at McSmith Co. for the creation of your website–I truly had a blast creating it!

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