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Collective Boutique

Collective Boutique is an online clothing boutique that specializes in trendy styles with a size-inclusive offering. For this brand, I first created the brand's identity–logo, color scheme and identify marks along with fonts and mood boards.

Click here to view Collective Boutique's website.

Logo + Brand Design

The owner of the boutique had a clear vision for her brand: to be size inclusive and modern with a trendy brand design to center her business. She provided a variety of colors that we narrowed down to a palette of 5 colors that best embodied her vision.

From there, we then dove into crafting her brand logo. We cycled through several drafts and concepts before landing on the sweetly simple yet elegant hand-lettered cursive logo that is in use today.

In the final draft of the logo boards, Collective has several options and variations of the main logo to be used in a variety of media and formats, giving the owner a full range of opportunity!

Desktop + Mobile Web Design

Since the boutique was launching exclusively online, a website that delivers both trendy and modern design as well as functions simply and effortlessly was necessary.

In addition, it needed to showcase the size-inclusivity as well as act as a central hub for the brand.

The site's colors are directly pulled from the branding scheme we initially created. In addition to the design pieces, I also provided modeled product photography and editing to best show off the clothing while also being as accurate as possible in color editing to the original garment.

The mobile website was another main piece of the web design, seeing as how we anticipated that a wide variety of shoppers made purchases on-the-go on their cell phones.

We optimized the shopping experience to be as simple as possible, whether on a cell phone or on a desktop. Several collections were used to create pockets of clothing and to establish an organization system that would be simple for any shopper to follow.

Additionally, each shopper can create a personalized account that saves their favorite items, remembers their carts, and shows all their past purchases with Collective Boutique.

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