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SonShine Embroidery

SonShine embroidery is a family and faith centered business that creates high quality personalize products like screen printed shirts or embroidered hats (with a little bit of everything else in between). Originally operating exclusively off Etsy, SonShine owner Tonya was ready to take her online shop to the next level by opening her own e-commerce online website.

Branding Design

SonShine already had a logo at the start of the project, so together we settled on a new color palette for their online brand that best embodied their uniquely bright business. Taking the literal meaning of their brand name (a play on words of sunshine), I leaned into a bright yellow and orange centered color scheme that best showcased the optimism and energy of their brand.

Unable to locate the original logo files, I was able to create high quality vectors of their logo and mark through editing, providing logo files to SonShine that will be of use in future projects to come.

Desktop + Mobile Web Design

Bringing SonShine's brand to life was just so much fun! We decided to focus on showing the one-woman show behind the brand, Tonya, by using several visuals and images that highlighted her talents in action. A moving video background was utilized to capture the details of custom embroidery and high quality photos were placed strategically to emphasize Tonya's skill and ability.

The site's colors are directly pulled from the branding scheme we initially created. Creating the bright yellow header was intentional to immediately attempt vitalize the viewer and encourage their creative juices to be flowing.

The mobile website was another main piece of the web design, seeing as how we anticipated that a wide variety of shoppers made purchases on-the-go on their cell phones.

We optimized the shopping experience to be as simple as possible, whether on a cell phone or on a desktop. Two main pages were used to section off buyers–custom orders and ready-to-wear collections.

The ready-to-wear page is as it sounds; it allows customers to purchase pre-made items created by Tonya. Here, she plans to showcase her most popular items that are simple for her to create in a jiff.

The custom order page is way more intuitive. Instead of just showing the products, we went for a more guided approach to funnel customers to the exact product they need. Firstly, they select their desired custom product (shirts or hats) which leads to an anchor point further down on the page. From there, we specify whether they are wanting screen printing or embroidery, which will then lead them to the exact product page they need.

Custom Ordering Made Simple

Tonya is a high volume seller, encouraging customers to place orders in a high quantity to maximize her profit potentials. To capture this, we focused on simplifying the order form to the essentials to allow customers to easily draft their order. Whether they order 1 short or 101, we wanted to be sure the process was self-explanatory.

In addition to the text, I took-and-taught the photos, teaching Tonya how to recreate with her own equipment, enabling her to add more products down the road.

Additionally, custom color menus were created to easily help customers clearly mark and identify the color shirts they'd like in their order. This same template was incorporated any time we needed to display listed information about colors, styles or sizes for the shirts and hats. Also, clicking on the color family will automatically click over to the color chart, making it scroll free for the shopper.

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